A Beginners Guide on the Types of Wedding Venues

Weddings are meant to be perfect and everyone wants to say ‘I do’ to their loved ones in a perfect place. But choosing wedding venues is a big deal. Shortly after a couple gets engaged, not only do they get a million well-wishes but they also get the inevitable questions of when and where. Before you start making a list of possible venues to visit, however, think about the type of venue that would suit you best.This write up will give you a clear understanding on the various types of wedding venues to choose from.

•    Church Hall

Church hall is one of the most traditional venues. Many couples might opt for their adjoining church hall for a number of reasons, be it sentimental or convenience.

•    Hotels

Being one of the most popular wedding venue, hotels have a touch of elegance, combined with practicality and convenience. The great thing about hotels is that they have everything there for you that you could possibly need and there is plenty of room for your guests to stay.

•    Beaches

They provide the perfect setting for a relaxed and informal wedding ceremony. Try to find a venue with direct access to the coast, and make sure you visit the beach yourself before making a booking to check that it is private and fairly sheltered.

•    Vineyards

They make very romantic and picturesque wedding venues, and you can add local flavour by serving wines made on site.  You could arrange wine tasting for your guests to keep them entertained between the ceremony and reception.

•    Country Clubs

Many country clubs have always been available for weddings but they have really stepped up their game in recent years providing for many a lavish and stylish affair.

Once you’ve chosen the type of wedding venue you would prefer, go ahead on deciding the perfect wedding venue according to your taste and preferences.

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