Reasons Why Swan Valley should be Your Next Vacation Spot

Swan Valley accommodation in Perth is a world renowned tourist destination, where visitors flock every year for all kinds of reasons from tourism to weddings. While most getaways are far off from a transportation centre like an airport or a train station, Swan Valley is just ten minutes from the Perth Domestic Airport, and 25 minutes from Perth CBD. While there’s always a transition period from landing in your destination to actually starting your vacation in case of other tourist spots, Swan Valley has no such thing, thanks to these very many reasons:

1. For History Lovers – For people who visit places to get a rush of history and colonialism, Guildford has its own tales to tell. It is one of the only two towns in Perth to have a place on the National Trust Register. Most colonial buildings have been preserved for historical and heritage purposes and this is well accented by James Street, a famous antique strip where you can buy all kinds of second-hand wares outside Perth. 

2. AccommodationAccommodation in Swan Valley is never a problem, thanks to the fact that it’s the Western Australia’s oldest wine heritage centre. Your accommodation here in the heart of some of the oldest wineries in the country is something you can certainly brag about. With accommodation packages available based on your purpose of visit from wine tasting to exploration and weddings, your stay here is guaranteed to be adventurous memorable.

3. Food and Wine – As Western Australia’s oldest heritage wine region, it is no surprise that Swan Valley houses over 150 places where you can treat your taste buds. The Swan Valley, Food and Wine Trail, is one of the most sought-after attractions for food lovers from almost every café, restaurant and winery in the region.

4. Parks and Picnic Areas – If you’re at Swan Valley to forget the hassles of business or to unwind and have some fun with your family, then the picturesque environment of parks and picnic areas will be a feast for your eyes. With nine well-known parks and picnic spots and three other national parks all around the Valley, you are never too far away from a getaway spot.

5. Wildlife Encounters – If you have always been a keen follower of nature’s creation, then besides the scenic wonders in Swan Valley, you can also treat yourself to the antics of the denizens of some of the best wildlife parks in Western Australia. From 2500 square metre timber mazes to even an exclusive reptile park, the valley has everything that a wildlife enthusiast will need to have a memorable experience.

The Novotel Vines resort is one of Swan Valley’s most popular resorts. Complete with over 103 rooms and 54 condominiums, the resort is also the recipient of many awards for its picturesque golf course and luxurious accommodation. To know more, visit or Call +61-8 9297 3000

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