Choosing an Ideal wedding Venue

A wedding day is an event that comes once in your lifetime that you’d definitely want to be special and memorable. Before touring every single wedding location nearby, make a note of these tips when finding the perfect wedding venue.

Geographical Location

It is important that the venue you choose must be easily accessible for everyone. Whether you pick a location that’s close to your home or outside the city, you’ll have to make arrangements to get everyone to the event spot.

Style of Ceremony

Do you want your ceremony to be formal or informal? Do you wish to have it indoors or outdoors? Incorporate your desired style that complies with the geographical location or ask for ideas from professional wedding advisors.

Number of Guests

You need to ensure that the information regarding guest count should be provided to the service 72 hours prior to the event. Such information must be final and binding, hence make sure that the venue is not too big or small for the event.


Consider your requirements and calculate your budget to shortlist considerable wedding venues. Certain services will offer packaged services that might include food, hence discuss the options with your wedding planner.

Apart from the above considerations, do your research on other aspects such as the amenities and weather conditions. If you aren’t happy with the contract, feel free to negotiate.

Settled in amongst the picturesque Swan Valley, and conveniently located only 35 minutes from Perth, The Novotel Vines Resort is the perfect romantic location for your wedding day. From decorations and menu planning through to accommodation for you and your guests, The Novotel Vines Resort offers the complete Wedding Service. To arrange a personal appointment to discuss your Wedding plans and have a personal tour of The Vines Resort & Country Club please contact the Wedding Co-ordinator on:

For Perth wedding venues, Call: +61-8 9297 3000

To know more, visit or Call +61-8 9297 3000

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