Do not forget to experience these things in The Swan Valley

Swan Valley has the historical village of Guildford, collection of antique shops, cafes and perfect examples of European settlement buildings dating back to the 1830’s. It is the perfect destination for a holiday. One can easily find an accommodation in the Swan Valley  that provides comfort and ultimate customer service.Following are certain main attractions of the Swan Valley.

The Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail

The Swan Valley food and wine trail are one of the most attractive options for tourists.

It is a 32 km scenic loop that includes more than 150 breweries, wineries, galleries, cafés, excellent restaurants, shops and roadside stalls. The whole trail is posted with sign boards and works in conjunction with the Swan Valley Guide and maps. One can plan unique food and wine experience while exploring the Valley. The wine especially, holds special interest to the visitors, since it comes from one of the oldest wineries in the Western Australian region. The trail leads you to some of the finest distilleries, wineries, art and craft emporiums and fine dining experiences.

Chocolate Factories

The place is adorned with two chocolate factories and is a heaven for chocolate lovers. Both the factories have cafes with outdoor tables for visitors to sit and enjoy the chocolate delicacies. The chocolate factory is a delight to the visitors, children and adults alike, and can give a tough competition anytime, to the Willy Wonka’s delights. While you are there, do not miss the free tastings that the factories have on offer.

The WA Reptile Park

The Swan Valley offers plenty of attractions for the wildlife enthusiasts. The WA Reptile Park is one such excellent example, where you get to learn everything about the reptiles. This park is home to reptiles like venomous snakes, lizards, pythons, crocodiles, boa, and much more. One can touch these reptiles and click photographs to take away the memories of a rare adventure. Moreover, if these creepy crawlers enamor you, you can try your luck at holding a python, with the aid of the caretakers.

Valley Chase

The Swan Valley houses one of the most endangered species, the Taylor Tortoise, named after the pioneers of the Valley. The tortoise lends a hand in unearthing the attractions of the valley, while you are in the ‘valley chase’. The quest requires a car to follow the trails. It begins at the Swan Valley Visitor Centre where the participants are provided with a map and clue sheet. While solving the clues, one can enjoy the attractions which are originally the solution to these riddles in the chase. The journey includes ten checkpoints in total, and one can stop and explore each one of them.

While enjoying the places mentioned above in the Swan Valley, one can reap the benefits of staying in luxury accommodation in the swan valley. Many resorts provide a luxurious stay which includes everything one needs to add on to the perfect destination.

The Novotel Vines Resort & Country Club situated in the Swan Valley Perth, boasts 103 resort rooms and 54 condominiums accompanied by restaurants and bars. The luxury resort is also known for our range of romantic wedding venues in the Swan Valley! From decorations to menu planning, The Novotel Vines Resort & Country Club offers complete wedding services at prices to suit your budget! To know more, visit or Call +61-8 9297 3000

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