How to pick a wedding venue

Marriage is an occasion to remember and a once in a lifetime affair for many. It has become a tradition today to look for sites outside their hometowns. They prefer exotic and enchanting destination weddings and thus are in a search for such places where they can say their vows. The Swan Valley wedding venues are a great option for couples looking for wedding venues in Australia.Following are certain tips to find the best wedding venue.

Understand logistics

Pick the place carefully, and not just out of excitement and popularity. Always consider the logistics of the location as this can help with saving headaches later. Everything from the number of guests that can fit into the site for the season and the time of day of the wedding and any special accommodations for guests needs to be taken into consideration. It is advisable to have a guest list and then book the accommodation, after due consideration of the logistics and all that goes into it. A smaller place might result in having to consider outside source for extra accommodation and a larger location will add on to the extra and unnecessary cost.

Visit The Venue at The Time of Day of Wedding

Everything ranging from how the light floods into space, to a cold draft sweeping through the hallway, can help one figure out if this is the venue one wants to spend money. Visiting the site exactly at the time of the day, when the wedding is to take place in the future can help in getting a fair idea about the lightings and other conditions. Bring the Wedding coordinator and planner of the wedding so that they can suggest certain changes in the venue or offer an alternative and plan accordingly to suit the purpose.

Decide wedding style and feel

Depending on the space and location of the venue, one can determine particular style and feel of the wedding. This can be done to make the perfect day memorable for a lifetime. Again, here, ensure that the venue can complement the theme one has set for a wedding, and the marriage coordinator is happy about going ahead with the idea.

Keep asking for clarifications

Any doubts regarding the wedding venue should be clarified, and no assumptions should be made. To keep everything perfect for the ultimate day, one should be wholly aware of the site and services available. The availability of caterers, transport to ferry the guests or even the presence of perfect systems to deal with eventualities, like rain or any other problems associated with weather, can help in making the day perfect and remarkable.

Wedding venues in the Swan Valley, for instance, can provide with some excellent options for those who want a beautiful marriage to cherish and remember for a lifetime. Check out the venues, location, gourmet recipes and much more the place has to provide, before picking it out as a location for the wedding.

The Novotel Vines Resort & Country Club situated in the Swan Valley Perth, boasts 103 resort rooms and 54 condominiums accompanied by restaurants and bars. The luxury resort is also known for our range of romantic wedding venues in the Swan Valley! From decorations to menu planning, The Novotel Vines Resort & Country Club offers complete wedding services at prices to suit your budget! To know more, visit or Call +61-8 9297 3000

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