Four things that your wedding venue must have

Wedding venues in Swan Valley, Perth
Now that you’re engaged, we take this opportunity to congratulate you! But now that the easy part is over, let’s get back to reality. You must have heard accounts of your married friends about how stressful wedding planning actually is. They aren’t wrong. Planning for a wedding can transform you from the beautiful, dainty glowing bride to a Bridezilla in no time. But no one wants that! The planning for your wedding should be something you look forward to, not something you leave till the last minute.
Your wedding venue is one of the first things you tick off the checklist. Unless you have an idea of what your wedding venue is like, how do you plan the theme and the rest of it? If you are looking for wedding venues in and around Perth, Swan Valley, Perth’s wedding venues would be absolutely perfect. Below, we list about four major must have’s for your wedding venue. Here you go:
•    Ambience – Every wedding has a theme of its own. You want the right ambience at your wedding, right? It shouldn’t be too loud and rowdy; nor should it be too quaint and dull. It should be just right! The kind of wedding venue you select should go with your personality, as a couple. That is what would make your wedding stand out and unique. The wedding venue should be representative of the beautiful relationship the two of you share.
•    Spaciousness – The wedding venue you select should be spacious enough. We have all been to weddings where the room felt too dark and dingy and stuffy. You don’t want your guests to feel that they’re cramped up in a hole, do you? There should be adequate space at the venue for guests to eat, drink, enjoy the ceremony and sit back and relax. The luxury accommodation in swan valley, Perth holds a number of spacious wedding venues.
•    Availability – As you must know already, you must book your wedding venues well in advance. By advance, we mean nine – ten months before the ceremony. If you leave your wedding venue till the very last minute, rest assured, your dream wedding venue has already gone to someone else. Make sure you seek out the venue and book it beforehand.
•    Sound and light – Light and sound do form an integral part of the ambience. There is of course going to be some music and dancing at your wedding. You want to make that an enjoyable experience for your guests, not make them cringe! In that case, go for wedding venues with good sound and light systems.
Wedding venues in Swan Valley, Perth have some of the best options if a dream wedding is what you want. You could even look up Vines Resort and Country Club for its exquisite ambience and picturesque venues.
A Little about The Novotel Vines Resort & Country Club:
The Novotel Vines Resort & Country Club is a luxury resort in the Swan Valley Perth boasting 103 resort rooms and 54 condominiums accompanied by restaurants and bars. You can also enjoy a number of award-winning wineries. Continually rated as one of Australia’s best golf resorts, The Novotel Vines Resort & Country Club boasts the finest golf courses in Perth, WA. To know more, visit or Follow
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