How to Spend a Weekend in the Swan Valley?

accommodation in Swan Valley PerthLocated at about 30 minutes away from the heart of the capital city is Western Australia’s Swan Valley. Swan Valley is one of the oldest wine regions in the country and has everything it takes to turn a weekend into a fun-filled one. Read on to find out some of the exotic activities that you can indulge in while staying in the right accommodation in Swan Valley Perth.

Swan Valley is a wine lover’s retreat

Wine tasting tours are the most popular activity in Swan Valley. The region has a food and wine trail made up of more than 150 wineries. Some of the wineries in Swan Valley are more than 150 years old and offer a deeper insight about the historical significance of wine making in Australia. On the other side are the smaller and newer wineries with an exquisite charm that you do not want to miss. Apart from the wineries, one can fine boutique breweries and microbreweries in and around the Swan Valley Perth accommodation.

Fall in love with cheese and chocolate delicacies from Swan Valley

As you indulge in some of the country’s finest wineries and breweries, make time for the gourmet produce of the region too. Visit the Margaret River Chocolate Factory and savour the most unique flavours of the store. Before you unwind in your accommodation in Swan Valley Perth be sure to visit The Cheese Barrel and design your own cheese platter.

Get your spirit up with a dash of caffeine

If all the wine and beer has left you a little groggy, then visit one of the many cafes in the region. The Yahava Coffee Works located on West Swan Road needs a special mention as the place offers more than 20 different types of coffee blends from various parts of the world. The brand also has its own signature coffee flavourings which make the place a must-visit.

Swan Valley amuses its little guests too

If you are visiting Swan Valley with kids, make sure you choose the right Swan Valley Perth accommodation for optimal comfort. As they settle down with watching the beautiful sceneries of the location, enthral them with a surprise visit to the Whiteman Park which is a wildlife sanctuary.  Find pleasure in the family river cruise along the Swan River and you can also enjoy a full-fledged lunch or simply sip a glass of wine as breathtaking views cross your path.

Swan Valley for the history lover

Museums, heritage walking tours across the village of Guildford and historical cycle trails are some of the interesting activities that history lovers can choose to indulge in. The place has enough historical attractions to keep you busy for an entire weekend.

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