Five Cool Ideas for Organising a Corporate Golf Day

golf courses in PerthCorporate golf days offer a great chance to enter clients and employees and to also build a stronger business network. The event comes with a perfect blend of business and pleasure and breaks the monotony of boardroom meeting and the rather common star hotel get-togethers.
Here is a list of tips to help business organisations to organise and manage a corporate golf day without any hassles.
1)    Choose a good venue
Not all golf courses in Perth are the same and finding a good one is a great way to start the planning process. The golf course must be well-rated and have the flexibility to accommodate the specific needs of the client. Professional staff must be available for assistance and the place must entertain the golfers as well as non-golfers alike.

2)    Start the preparation early
Organising a golf day in Perth involves a lot of minute but essential details. Since the stakeholders of the business will be the guests of the event, utmost care must be taken to ensure that no one is missed out from the list and their specific event needs are noted (such as dietary requirements, availability and so on). Quite obviously, the process will take more time than any regular event and it is therefore to start off with the planning and preparation well ahead. Also, since the guests would mainly be busy professionals, it would be a good idea to book their dates in advance.
3)    Set a professional tone to the event
It is no secret that business professionals feel more relaxed in an open environment like a golf resort in Perth than in closed office spaces. The organisers must ensure that the business motives of the event are stressed upon particularly in spite of the fun element in the event. For instance, organisers can have a representative offer one formal speech at the start of the event or add more brand components in the golf day. The objective behind setting a professional tone to the event is to enhance the brand image of the business among prospective clients.

4)    Have a backup plan in place
Like in any other event, the gold day may also be prone to issues like rain or any other natural as well as man-made conditions. Think about what problems could possibly pop up in the last minute and have a backup in place. Talk to the manager of the golf resort in Perth and take their help as required.

5)    Take advantage of the opportunity
The corporate golf day is a great opportunity to expand business circle and to find great partnerships. Take advantage of the opportunity to establish your brand identity and corporate goals. From invitations to return memoirs, take the chance to reinforce the brand repeatedly.
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